Struggling to find something to blog about…

Updated: Mar 13

Hello! This is my first “real” blog as the real first blog is just a quick welcome message. The problem therein is now to find something to blog about…Do I pick one subject and just delineate my thoughts about it? Do I write about the events in my life and such? Do I write about current events? I have decided! All of the above. That being said, I have just recursively created my first blog. Shoutout to my sister who directed me on how to begin the writing process. It worked! I told her that once I start I can usually keep going quite easily which is what is happening write now. Anyhow, I digress. Now that the pleasantries are over, I will try to be more interesting as I sum things up. I feel very satisfied that I was able to do this. I’ve had this blog set up since September 2019 and haven’t gotten to writing anything until now. I believe I have just successfully proved (or given credence to) the power of positive thinking and intention. Thanks for reading. Talk again soon.